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Title: Hidden God
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Many christians today are unaware that the being we call God, Father, the great redeemer, Lord, the creator, has actually a real name like you and I.
The deliberate concealment of his true name has been going on for thousands of years and only in recent times has it been revealed that even his son, our saviour has a true name as well.. The finger can be pointed squarely at Lucifer for this evil deed and unfortunately in my history lesson you will see that trust gave way to superstition and fear brought on by erronous pagan beliefs. Well lets get started, it is well documented that pagan cultures around the OT period had their own Gods for religious purposes, the high priests of these Gods were the only one's who knew the "true " name of their God for it was believed that if your pagan neighbour was to "know" your God's true name they could pay hommoge in a monetary/sacrifice to commision that God to do their bidding, so the true names were kept well hidden.
In Egypt for instance, the Egyptians had at the time of the Hebrew's captivity some 2000 Gods and some of those Gods had hundred's of names, it was unfortunate that the Hebrew's were influenced by these traits when after their escape from Egypt they kept the Father's true name a "secret" from outsiders for fear that as with the Egyptians some one would "steal" his name for their use, had they not gave way to silly superstitious dogma and trusted the father implicity, we might have known his name sooner but this dilemna is two fold.
When the original Hebrew OT transcript was tranlated into Greeks Septuagint(pronounced: sep-a-two-gin-t) then this was translated into the Latin Vulgate(RCC) which was later translated into the Bishops Bible and finally into the King James version, many things were altered and changed and 1 of those many things was our Father and his son our savior's names. Now in the OT in the KJV  you will see on occasion the abbreviated version of our Fathers name (YHWH), I think we are lucky to get that because the Greeks don't have the letter "Y" in their alphabet and the Hebrew's don't have the letter "J". This being the case the Greeks substituted our Father's and his son's names with alternatives, unfortunately later translations were either "missed" or not "checked" from the original Hebrew transcript (what... Lucifer didn't have hand in But seriously there are many more "errors" I could share with you but lets stick with this because it is vastly important. Today's religious cultures have names for their dieties, buddhists have Buddha, Islam has Allah etc.... What do we call the one true God...but GOD, Lord and his son we(not meaning me) call Jesus( in Greek this is pronounced i-e-sous and who is iesous but another name for the pagan God Zeus)...whoops didn't see that one did we...well enough of the wit...
Well your probably saying right now...what are their names...sorry can't tell its a
Our Fathers true name is...YAHUWAH, pronounced as YAH-WHO-AH which means in English I AM THAT I AM. His son our saviour is YAHUSHUA, pronounced as YAH-WHO-SHOE-A which means in English I AM SAVES, the son bears the first part of his father's name (YAH=I AM)
This only the start, I hope this helps you get closer to our father and our saviour...
Kindest regards to all, Alex
May Yahuwah's spirit guide you
Title: 1st Angel's message
Post by: Nobluebears on October 09, 2014, 11:15:39 AM
The conditions for eternal life  Are the same today as they have always been: obey and live; disobey and perish?  The grace of Yahuwah through faith in the merits of His Son enable all who want to obey, to be able to do so.  However, in order to obey, justice demands that everyone have a chance to clearly understand the requirements.  The Creator, He Who stated, “I am your Elohim; I change not,” has never changed His day of worship nor has He ever given permission for anyone claiming to represent Him to do so, either.  In keeping with His kind and gracious character, Yahuwah has encoded in Revelation, in painstaking detail, a merciful warning.  It is now possible to fully understand the message, using the calendar to provide the key to decipher the code.  This warning explains everything one needs to know to be prepared for the final battle over worship.
1st Good Messenger’s Message
And I saw another Messenger fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people, saying with a loud voice, Honour Yahuwah, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come: and worship Him that made heaven and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.
This is an invitation to everyone on earth to honour their Creator by worshipping Him on the day which His calendar, established at Creation, dictates.  The very wording of this Messenger’s message is very similar to that of the fourth commandment: “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy, six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: but the seventh day is the Sabbath of Yahuwah thy Elohim. Of all Ten Commandments, this is the only one which contains the name, title and dominion of the Lawgiver: He is Yahuwah thy Elohim, the Creator who made and rules everything.  This establishes His authority, His right to dictate the requirement.
When one obeys the commandment to honour the Sabbath, he is pledging his allegiance to the divine Government of Heaven.  The Sabbath, then, is the sign or mark of loyalty to the Creator.  A continuous weekly cycle is not anchored to anything in creation.  It cannot be a memorial of Creation.  Only when the Sabbath is linked to creation via the moon can it truly be a memorial of Creation.
The words of this Messenger’s message are full of import.
Fear Yahuwah – The word “fear” comes from the Greek phobeo which means to reverence the Heavenly Father and hold Him in awe.  The idea is one of complete loyalty and surrender to His will.  Unfortunately when worship is offered on days calculated by pagan calendars; Rabbinical or Gregorian calendars, the worship is offered to pagan deities, ultimately, Satan.  Complete surrender of the will is necessary before one is willing to step out and be different from the rest of the world, worshipping by the genuine calendar established for that purpose.
Give Glory to Yahuwah – Only those who fully surrender their will are able to truly give glory: honour, praise and homage, to their Maker because He is truly glorified only when His people are living in obedience to His will.  When a person in sincerity of heart, offers love and worship to the Creator on Sunday or Saturday in ignorance believing that is the true day of worship, the loving heart of our Eternal Father accepts this as their best efforts.  However, with greater light come greater privileges and responsibilities.  When a person knows that the lunar-solar calendar is the only genuine time-measurement, all others are counterfeits designed to divert worship to the hidden god, that person is responsible for acting on that knowledge.  His obedience (or lack thereof) then gives (or withholds) glory to his Maker.
The Hour of His judgment is Come – One of Lucifer’s charges against the government of Yahuwah is that the law, which is holy and perfect, cannot be kept.  Before the great controversy between Yahshua and Satan can be finished, this charge must be answered.  Thus, our eternal Father Himself is judged in the lives of His Setapart-ones.  If a person tries to side-step the obligations of the divine law, he lends support to Satan’s charges.  The final generation will acknowledge the supremacy of the holy law of Yahuwah and will, through faith in the merits of their Saviour, be enabled to keep that law, even at the cost of life itself.  The Father is thus vindicated when those who claim to be His people lay all earthly interests aside, surrender their will, and obey His law.
Worship the Creator – As has been demonstrated, the day on which any person worships directs that worship to either Yahuwah or Satan.  By creating a Saturday versus Sunday conflict, Saturn/Sheitan/Satan has remained hidden, receiving the worship of both days.  To truly worship one’s Creator, all false, pagan calendars must be laid aside.  The seventh-day Sabbath, calculated on the genuine lunar-solar calendar of Creation, is the only true day of worship claimed by the Creator.  All others are counterfeits which give worship, glory and honour to Lucifer whose stated goal was to sit on the Mount of the Congregation and receive worship due the Creator alone.
Thus, the first angel’s message is a complete call to lay aside all counterfeit calendation and give honour to the Creator by worshiping Him on the day He has specified, dictated by His calendar.  It is given with a loud voice, signifying that it is an important message that all will hear.