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Last Updated: 1 June 2014 Does God originate destruction? Were there times when God struck sinners dead or sent destructive plagues? Did God order the Israelites to commit genocide against the Canaanite tribes -i.e. to kill all the men, women, children and infants (but permitted young virgins to live)? If so, how do you relate to that aspect of God's character? The Assassination of God's Character (Volumes 1 & 2), investigates whether God was really involved in these atrocities or whether human beings have been actively persuaded to believe these things as part of a most dangerous - almost perfect- deception. Recent research proves that normal people can be persuaded to voluntarily commit atrocities against others, (against their own conscience) if they believe the command to do so originates from an authority-figure. e.g. Milgram experiment, Stanford Prison experiment. Was this how the ancient Israelites were persuaded to justify killing the pagan Canaanites? Did those in authority convince the Israelites that by committing genocide - killing men, women and children - that they were simply following God's orders - and that they were thus committing not atrocities, but holy, sanctified actions? Volume 1 discusses and compares the two basic but opposing principle operating in the world today: the spirit of love and the spirit of selfishness. Volume 2 answers specific objections concerning violent events outlined in the Bible; events which are thought to have been commanded or inflicted by God - which have arisen in the study and discussion on this important subject.