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Author: Sherlene Turner
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Many Christian men struggle with resisting sexual temptations at work and in their social lives, but are often surprised when they encounter similar temptations at  church.  This article endeavours to explain why a growing number of Christian men are unhappy about having their minds invaded - mentally raped - by provocatively dressed Christian women at church.  Some women might not even be aware of the struggle they are causing their brothers in the faith - but that doesn't make the experience any less difficult.
  When a man is exposed to a sexually stimulating sight in his church, can he simply avoid taking responsiblity for his thoughts, consoling himself with the fact that he never actively requested that he be exposed to such a visually stimulating sight?  Can a Christian woman avoid taking responsiblity for her part in causing a man to experience sexually impure thoughts? These questions and more are discussed in "Look, but don't Touch?"